“Meet the CEO” New Episode: SurgeTrader!

Hello everyone! Forex Prop Reviews is here again, with a new chapter of “Meet the CEO.” Today we are going to talk about the CEO of SurgeTrader. Do you know the CEO of SurgeTrader is a woman? Well, we love to see an independent and successful woman! It’s inspiring to witness women who are unapologetically themselves and pursuing their dreams with confidence and determination. These women serve as role models for future generations, showing that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance.

So, here we present you the CEO:

As far as our knowledge goes, she is the first woman to own a Prop Firm. Also, we all know SurgeTrader is an excellent and legitimate firm, and this is one of her many achievements! So, beauty with a brain!

CEO of SurgeTrader

Jana Seaman is the CEO of SurgeTrader. Her aim is to offer business solutions and funding to support businesses in achieving remarkable success. The range of business units is focused on boosting revenue for small and large businesses experiencing rapid growth. Her company provides various resources, including leadership coaching, employee onboarding, operational management, capital, and more. With a particular emphasis on technology, financial services, and automotive sectors, VALO Holdings assists businesses in generating substantial and sustainable growth.

With a rich background in the nuances of successful market trading, her family and the entire SurgeTrader team possess valuable expertise in creating a fulfilling livelihood. This experience greatly influenced the mission of SurgeTrader today, which is to expedite trader funding by providing access to institutional capital, namely their own capital.

The growth and sense of community fostered by SurgeTrader have been genuinely remarkable since its incorporation. Witnessing traders achieve exceptional returns and sustain a prosperous livelihood through trading has been truly inspiring. This company enables skilled traders to attain financial independence and pursue a life driven by their genuine passions. The gratification derived from assisting others in empowering themselves is immeasurable.

About SurgeTrader

SurgeTrader is a proprietary firm that is based in the United States, Florida, offering motivated traders up to $1,000,000 in funding with a profit split of 75% up to 90%. They have integrated their technology with a broker Eightcap, which is an ASIC-regulated broker in Melbourne, Australia.

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