SurgeTrader 10k Discord Celebration- $1 Million Prize!

SurgeTrader has recently achieved a monumental feat by amassing 10,000 members on their Discord server. SurgeTrader is celebrating 10K Discord members by giving away $1 million in Auditions (Trading funds), be sure to join their Discord by June 22nd to be automatically entered to win!

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SurgeTrader has a big reason to celebrate! They now have 10,000 members in their Discord group, where traders connect and share ideas. To thank their community for this amazing milestone of 10k Discord members, SurgeTrader is giving away a whopping $1 million in trading funds.

Traders of all levels are excited about this incredible opportunity. Whether you’re an experienced pro or just starting out, you can join SurgeTrader‘s Discord group before June 22nd to enter the giveaway automatically. By becoming a member of their friendly and growing community, you get a chance to win a portion of the $1 million trading fund.

SurgeTrader is an incredible prop, and this is evident from their growing community. So, by doing the simple task of joining their Discord, you get the chance to win $1 Million! What is better than this?

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About SurgeTrader

The SurgeTrader project was born from the experience of seasoned Forex traders, brokers, and venture capitalists. They believe that all a talented trader needs for success are capital and opportunity. Their main mission was accelerating trader funding and helping profitable traders capitalize on their success and talent.

To become a funded trader, you must first pass an audition to demonstrate your skills and discipline as a competent trader. Upon successful completion, you are rewarded with a 75% up to 90% profit split on your future payouts. Their offices are located at an address, 405 5th Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102.

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