Bespoke Funding & New Weekly Statistics; May Week 4!

Bespoke Funding has released their week 4 May statistics, revealing impressive achievements for their traders. The report highlights the progress made by traders throughout the stages of the evaluation process.

According to the statistics, an encouraging 10.24% of active accounts successfully passed the first evaluation stage. This initial milestone demonstrates the traders’ proficiency in meeting the firm’s requirements and showcases their potential for further growth and success. Out of the accounts that advanced to the next stage, a notable 4.46% successfully passed and earned the funded status. This accomplishment signifies their ability to execute profitable trades consistently.

The report also reveals that an impressive 82.22% of accounts are still in progress, demonstrating the commitment and determination of the traders. This high percentage underscores their ongoing engagement with the evaluation process. At the same time, 17.78% of accounts did not meet the evaluation criteria.

In addition to the successful evaluations, Bespoke Funding has a total funded amount of $4,675,000 in funding. This capital serves as a valuable resource for the funded traders, allowing them to increase their trading potential and seize opportunities in the financial markets.

The firm’s commitment to providing funding opportunities and fostering a thriving trading community is evident in these statistics.

Bespoke Funding Week 4 Statistics

These impressive week 4 May statistics from Bespoke Funding highlight the firm’s dedication to supporting and nurturing talented traders. Through their evaluation process, they continue to identify and fund traders who demonstrate exceptional skills and potential. With the added capital, funded traders can confidently pursue their trading strategies and work towards achieving their financial goals.

Summing up the Week 4 statistics:

About Bespoke Funding

Bespoke Funding aims to provide traders around the globe with distinctive funding possibilities through accessible pathways to become professional, funded traders capable of remotely overseeing their own capital. The company has dedicated itself to establishing a user-friendly environment supported by top-notch industry technology.

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