Insights from Lux Trading Firm New Elite Trader’s Interview!

Lux Trading Firm has shared a trader’s interview with one of their Elite traders. His name is Samuel, and he is a highly accomplished trader who has achieved remarkable success in the dynamic world of trading. With a trading account of $500,000, Samuel’s expertise and exceptional trading strategies have positioned him as one of their esteemed Elite Traders.

Samuel discovered his passion for trading at the age of 18. Intrigued by finance and the market, Samuel delved into extensive research and sought learning opportunities through books, YouTube videos, and online courses. He even attended seminars to enhance his knowledge. After a year of honing his skills, Samuel found his way to Lux Trading Firm, recognizing it as the perfect platform to further his trading career.

After discovering the benefits of trading with someone else’s money, Samuel found Lux Trading Firm a game-changer. It provided him with the freedom to trade without the same level of risk and allowed him to focus on refining his strategies.

Samuel’s path led him to Lux Trading Firm through a chance encounter on YouTube. The mentorship and support offered by the firm, along with the opportunity to trade $10 billion and collaborate with a personal mentor and risk manager, piqued Samuel’s interest.

Lux Trading Firm Trader’s Interview

Samuel enthusiastically shared his positive experience with the Elite Traders Package at Lux Trading Firm. Prior to joining, he sought mentorship to identify his weaknesses and build on his strengths. Samuel expressed his gratitude for the personalized guidance received from his mentor.

Reflecting on his overall experience with Lux Trading Firm, Samuel emphasized the substantial growth he has experienced as a trader. The mentorship and risk management support has been instrumental in his development.

Samuel’s journey has taught him the importance of honesty and setting strict rules for oneself. He shared his personal struggle with managing emotions, particularly after a losing trade. Samuel stressed the significance of accepting one’s limitations and not succumbing to the temptation of chasing losses.

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About Lux Trading Firm

Lux Trading Firm is a proprietary firm with one of the offices based in London and the other in Slovakia, Bratislava. They offer their traders up to $10,000,000 account balance in size. To become funded, you have to pass their unique two-step evaluation process. After doing so, you have specific profit targets that you must reach to scale your account balance. Upon successful completion, you are rewarded with a 75% profit split and an increase in your account balance.

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