SurgeTrader Evaluation Program- Is it the one for you?

SurgeTrader is a proprietary firm. It is based in the United States, Florida. They offer motivated traders up to $1,000,000 in funding with a profit split of 75% up to 90%. They have integrated their technology with a broker Eightcap, which is an ASIC-regulated broker in Melbourne, Australia. SurgeTrader encourages its traders to succeed in their careers. They are enabling them to earn more profits from their trading activity. To become a funded trader, you must first pass an audition to demonstrate your skills and discipline as a competent trader. SurgeTrader offers its traders a one-step evaluation program with six different account sizes.

SurgeTrader Evaluation Program

The prop firm, SurgeTrader evaluation program aims to identify serious traders and enable them to earn more profits from their trading activity. They are rewarded for their consistency in the one-phase evaluation period. The evaluation program account allows you to trade with up to 1:20 leverage.

The evaluation phase requires a trader to reach a profit target of 10%. While not surpassing their 5% maximum daily loss or 6% maximum trailing drawdown rules. Your evaluation account has no minimum or maximum trading day requirements. The only requirement to become funded is hitting the profit target.

Upon successfully completing the evaluation phase, SurgeTrader grants you a funded account with no profit targets. Instead, you must comply with the rules that require you to maintain a maximum daily loss of 5% and a maximum trailing drawdown of 6%. You can request your first 75% or 90% profit split on day one if you are in profit. However, you can request the next payouts within a 30-calendar day period.

Why you should consider SurgeTrader?

SurgeTrader is a highly recommended option for obtaining funding. The firm offers various trading accounts with practical trading goals and requirements for receiving payouts. The creators of SurgeTrader, consisting of experienced Forex traders, brokers, and venture capitalists, firmly believe that talented traders can achieve success with the right capital and opportunities.

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