SurgeTrader New Updated Review- Let’s see!

Hey folks! Today, we are here with a brand-new review. We will be talking about SurgeTrader since they have implemented numerous incredible updates in the past year. Since we did the first review regarding them, they have grown incredibly in this period. The firm has become arguably one of the leading and more attractive proprietary trading firms for traders worldwide. So, we have the Updated Review for SurgeTrader.

As the proprietary trading firm industry continues to increase in popularity, more and more traders choose to get funded by a prop firm. Now, this is why our job is to research and present these top prop trading firms to help you find the one that will suit your needs, whether you are a beginner or advanced.

SurgeTrader Updated Review

Let’s jump into this updated review of SurgeTrader and see precisely what they offer to traders worldwide. They were incorporated in September 2021. They are very well established, considering they haven’t been around that long but have developed quite an excellent level of notoriety and popularity in that time. The firm is based out of Naples, Florida, and they offer traders a chance to work with six different account sizes, all ranging from $25,000 all the way up to a million dollars. So, traders can manage a million dollars in funded accounts, but it’s accessible by participating in their scaling plan.

SurgeTrader Funding Program

But let’s dive in and take a closer look at their one-stop funding program and the different account sizes they offer traders worldwide. So, SurgeTrader is offering traders a one-step evaluation program. Again, they’ve got six different account sizes. All of their evaluation program account sizes aim to identify serious traders and enable them to earn more profits from their trading activity. But as always, you’re rewarded for consistency in the one-phase evaluation period.

The evaluation program account allows you to trade with up to 1:20 leverage. So, the evaluation phase requires a trader to reach a profit target of 10%. Your evaluation account has no minimum or maximum trading day requirements. The only requirement to become funded is hitting the profit target. By completing that evaluation phase, you get to the end goal, which is being awarded a funded account where you have no profit targets.

Payout Structure

You can request your first 75% or 90% profit split on day one if you’re in profit. However, the next payouts can be requested on a 30 to 60-calendar-day period.

Scaling Plan

Now, evaluation program accounts also have a scaling plan, so you’re required to reach a profit target of 10% based on your initial account balance. But note that the scaling is up to a million dollars, and you’re not eligible for a profit split if you scale your account.

SurgeTrader and Real Capital

And in addition, SurgeTrader‘s funded accounts are funded with real capital. With some other prop firms, funded traders are still trading in a demo account which is not backed by real money. So, when traders at these prop firms request a payout, they have to be paid for the money that the prop firm earned from failed challenges. Since the company was founded, SurgeTrader has paid out 100% of trader profits. There are a few other prop firms that can legitimately make that claim.

What makes SurgeTrader different?

SurgeTrader is setting itself apart from many other prop firms by rarely imposing restrictions on your trading style. And after considering that, SurgeTrader is an excellent choice to get funded with for any trader of any style.

Well, that’s not all. There are definitely more details about the firm, which you can see in the Video:

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