Goat Funded Trader Swap-Free Accounts- A New Update!

Every single day, we are sharing more and more updates on the Prop Industry. And now we are here with another update. Goat Funded Trader has announced the introduction of swap-free accounts. This opens doors to a broader range of traders seeking an ethical and inclusive trading experience.

Swap-free accounts have been created specifically to meet the needs of traders who adhere to Islamic principles and desire to trade without incurring any interest fees. Goat Funded Trader‘s groundbreaking initiative guarantees that traders from various backgrounds can engage in prop trading while staying true to their beliefs, eliminating the need to compromise their principles.

Goat Funded Trader Swap-free Accounts

With these swap-free accounts, traders can access the dynamic world of prop trading. Goat Funded Trader‘s innovative approach reaffirms its commitment to inclusivity, recognizing the importance of catering to the unique needs of every trader.

Swap-free accounts eliminate the interest element and ensure a fair and transparent trading environment. Traders can now engage in positions overnight without worrying about any interest charges accumulating on their trades.

Goat Funded Trader‘s decision to introduce swap-free accounts comes as no surprise, considering their dedication to meeting the evolving demands of the trading community. With the addition of swap-free accounts, the firm remains a reliable and forward-thinking prop firm. Goat Funded Trader‘s introduction of swap-free accounts signifies a step towards a more inclusive community.

About the Firm

Goat Funded Trader is a proprietary trading firm incorporated on the 17th of May, 2023.

  • Two two-step funding program options
  • No time limit evaluation program
  • Low evaluation profit targets 8% and 5%
  • Overnight and weekend holding allowed
  • News trading allowed
  • Well-structured user dashboard
  • A large variety of trading instruments (forex, commodities, indices, equities, cryptocurrencies)

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