Forex Capital Funds Overview of the Evaluation Program!

Who wants an overview of the Evaluation Program of Forex Capital Funds? Well, we all know that the newly listed firm on our website is also new in the Prop Industry. Forex Capital Funds is a new proprietary trading firm that is looking to grow by providing traders worldwide funding up to $600,000. Traders will be required to complete a 2-step evaluation, which will enable them to start trading a funded account and start acquiring profit splits. Forex Capital Funds offers two-step evaluation programs.

Forex Capital Funds Evaluation Program- An Overview

The following account sizes are offered to traders:

  • In phase one of the evaluation, traders must achieve an 8% profit target within 35 calendar days while ensuring they do not exceed a maximum daily loss of 5% or a maximum loss of 12%. They must also engage in at least five trading days to proceed to phase two.
  • Phase two of the evaluation requires traders to reach a 5% profit target within 60 calendar days while adhering to the 5% maximum daily loss and 12% maximum loss rules. Additionally, they need to trade for a minimum of five days to advance to a funded account.
  • Upon successfully completing both evaluation phases, traders are granted a funded account without profit targets. They only need to adhere to the 5% maximum daily loss and 12% maximum loss rules.

Your first payout is 30 calendar days from the day you place your first position on your funded account. All the following payouts are also on a bi-weekly basis. Your profit split will be 80% up to 90% based on the profit you make on your funded account.

Evaluation program accounts also have a scaling plan. You are required to reach a profit target of 7% or more within a three-month period where two out of the three months were profitable. 

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