Motivation Monday- The Funded Trader New Trader Interview!

In an exclusive interview conducted by The Funded Trader (TFT), Bayarjargal Shartolgoi, a seasoned trader from Mongolia, shares his remarkable 14-year journey in the world of Forex Trading. Overcoming business challenges and corruption, Bayarjargal found his way to Forex Trading and mastered the art with unwavering determination. In the interview, he reveals his trading strategies and offers valuable insights for aspiring traders.

The Funded Trader Interview with Bayarjargal

Bayarjargal Shartolgoi’s journey began 14 years ago when he faced setbacks in his business endeavors due to corruption. Seeking a fresh start, he ventured into Forex Trading, where he discovered a passion that transformed his life.

During the interview, Bayarjargal recounts his early days as a self-taught trader in Mongolia. With limited resources and no mentors available, he took it upon himself to learn, investing time in learning English and tirelessly researching trading techniques on the internet.

Reflecting on his trading experience, Bayarjargal emphasizes the importance of managing emotions while trading, stating, “Losing hope is a big problem. I would like to say never give up and never lose hope. Control yourself, and that’s the key to success.”

Bayarjargal’s trading strategy involves fundamental and technical analysis, focusing on waves and support-resistance levels. His disciplined money management approach has kept drawdowns to a minimum, contributing to his consistent profitability.

The Mongolian trader expresses his gratitude to TFT for playing a pivotal role in his trading journey: “TFT is a life changer.” The firm’s support and resources have been instrumental to his trading success.

Bayarjargal Shartolgoi shares ambitious aspirations for the future. Besides growing his funded account, he plans to contribute to environmental causes by supporting green planting initiatives in the Mongolian Gobi Desert. Additionally, he dreams of exploring UNESCO World Heritage sites, combining his passion for trading and travel.

Bayarjargal Shartolgoi’s journey is a shining example of determination and perseverance in the competitive world of Forex Trading. TFT’s unwavering commitment to nurturing traders’ growth and success is evident in Bayarjargal’s achievements.

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