Meet the CEO New Episode “Forex Capital Funds” CEOs!

Another day and another episode of “Meet the CEO.” As we all are aware, we have listed Forex Capital Funds on our website. So, what is better than letting our readers know about the CEOs of the firm? So, today, we will be talking about Forex Capital Funds CEOs.

Meet the CEO- Forex Capital Funds CEOs

Finn ter Wal and Stefan Verheul are co-founders of Forex Capital Funds.

Finn Ter Wal is a 24-year-old Dutch trader who has a plethora of experience in the trading world. Before embarking on his trading career, he successfully owned and operated an e-commerce brand. He finds immense satisfaction in fostering a vibrant community of exceptional traders and helping them reach new heights in their endeavors.

Having begun his trading journey two years ago, Finn has honed a precise trading strategy centered around market liquidity, honed through collaborations with prominent trading companies. Beyond his professional life, Finn’s enthusiasm extends to the fitness industry, where he has transformed his passion into a profession. He thrives on unleashing his creativity to explore fresh opportunities and innovative approaches.

Stefan Verhaul is a 29-year-old Dutch software trader who has a diverse background in engineering and real estate. He possesses a keen eye for detail and excels in analyzing numbers. Over the past two years, he has accumulated extensive experience trading with various software and collaborating with multiple prop trading firms.

Apart from his professional pursuits, Stefan is driven by a passion to infuse more joy and companionship within the trading community. During his spare time, he finds pleasure in engaging in fitness activities and competitive swimming.

About the Firm

Forex Capital Funds is a newer prop trading firm based in the Netherlands, Europe. They were incorporated in July 2023. They offer undercapitalized traders up to $600,000 in funding with a profit split of 80% up to 90%. The firm is partnered with Eightcap as its broker.

Forex Capital Funds is a new proprietary trading firm that is looking to grow by providing traders worldwide funding up to $600,000. Traders will be required to complete a 2-step evaluation, which will enable them to start trading a funded account and start acquiring profit splits.

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