True Forex Funds and Rene – The Trader’s Interview!

In a recent True Forex Funds interview, seasoned forex trader Rene shared his winning trading strategy and offered valuable insights. Rene’s journey in the forex trading world began with a focus on breakout trading during the London session.

He emphasized the significance of aligning trades with the higher time frame’s trend direction, stating that he only traded in the direction that the higher time frames indicated. This simple yet effective strategy helped him achieve consistent profits.

“I always stick to my rules,” Rene emphasized. He described his approach as disciplined and rule-based, relying on statistical analysis rather than emotional decisions. Rene urged new traders to backtest their strategies thoroughly and establish a comprehensive rulebook to guide their trading actions.

One of Rene’s key recommendations for novice traders is to invest in TradingView Premium, allowing them to access valuable charting tools and backtesting capabilities. He highlighted the importance of conducting thorough research and testing before committing to a trading strategy. He also stressed the significance of maintaining consistency and discipline, advising traders to stick with their strategies over an extended period to truly gauge their effectiveness.

True Forex Funds Interview with Rene

Addressing the topic of risk management, Rene shared his risk-reward approach. “I always trade with full position stop loss or break even,” he explained. This approach allowed him to maintain a calm and objective mindset during trading, focusing on the statistics and probabilities rather than getting caught up in emotions.

Rene also offered insights into his trading routine, mentioning that he usually completed his trading by noon, allowing him to spend quality time with his family and pursue other interests. He emphasized the importance of reducing screen time and making trading a part of one’s daily routine rather than the sole focus of their day.

In terms of advice for new traders seeking to enter the world of prop trading, Rene highlighted the value of becoming proficient with a specific strategy before seeking funding. He recommended diligently tracking trades, refining strategies, and developing a strong foundation before venturing into a funded trading program.

Rene concluded the interview by expressing his satisfaction with True Forex Funds. He commended the firm’s fast response times and encouraged its growth to provide a secure and reliable environment for traders.

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About the Firm

Here are some interesting details about the firm:

  • Unlimited evaluation-free retries
  • Free retries can be applied for both evaluation phases
  • Unlimited trading period on Limitless Funding
  • No minimum trading days on Quick Funding
  • Leverage 1:100

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