True Forex Funds July Statistics- Good or Great?

In July, the latest statistics for True Forex Funds were unveiled, reflecting great numbers. The firm has disclosed data revealing considerable triumph among its traders in July, leading to substantial payouts. The total sum disbursed throughout that month was remarkable. This shows the firm’s commitment to acknowledging and motivating its traders for their outstanding accomplishments.

  • Funded Accounts Payouts: $3,985,473.77
  • Highest Payout: $70,435.03
  • Number of Payouts: 1203
  • Average Payouts: $3,312.95
  • Most Traded Pairs: Gold & US30

True Forex Funds July Statistics

True Forex Funds traders have not only displayed an insightful comprehension of market dynamics but also exhibited a capacity for leveraging profitable trends. These figures stand as a testament to the firm traders’ insightful expertise. Consequently, True Forex Funds has earned a strong standing within the industry and has managed to draw in a unit of highly skilled traders.

The firm’s commitment to delivering top-tier guidance and comprehensive support further amplifies traders’ capabilities to consistently make profits. The exceptional statistics from July firmly establish True Forex Funds as an impressive presence in the Prop trading. Their capacity to foster a community of traders while providing an environment conducive to excellence has firmly created their reputation as a reliable prop firm in the industry.

This remarkable demonstration of success has captured the attention of traders, recognizing it as an extraordinary prop firm. True Forex Funds unquestionably emerges as a reliable firm in the fast-paced era of prop trading. Their dedication to innovation and ongoing enhancement distinguishes them from rivals. TFF is securing its position at the forefront of an industry characterized by continual evolution.

Having consistently achieved noteworthy outcomes, True Forex Funds boasts a track record that has garnered the confidence and admiration of traders across the globe.

About the Firm

True Forex Funds is a well-established proprietary trading firm based in Hungary offering motivated but undercapitalized traders up to $400,000 in funding with a profit split of 80%. It is partnered with a tier-1 liquidity provider that gives direct market access as their broker.

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