The Funded Trader (TFT) Standard Challenge Updates! All-in-One

The Funded Trader (TFT) has recently shared a series of striking updates to its Standard Challenge. These changes promise to enhance the trading experience and opportunities for traders. For a firm that always ensures that its traders have everything they want, TFT is surely on top. Here’s a closer look at the key modifications:

  • Unlimited Trading Days.
  • Add-ons Including Additional Drawdown and Expert Advisors (EAs).
  • $400k Challenge Available.
  • 21 Days to First Payout.

The Funded Trader (TFT) Standard Challenge Updates

Let’s get into the details of these Updates.

Unlimited Trading Days. One of the most groundbreaking alterations to the Standard Challenge is the removal of trading day limitations. Traders now enjoy the liberty to trade on and move on to the next phase of the challenge as soon as they achieve the profit target.

Add-ons include additional Drawdown and Expert Advisors (EAs). The firm has introduced add-on features, including the option to extend drawdown limits and employ Expert Advisors (EAs). These add-ons empower traders with additional tools and resources to manage risk effectively and optimize their trading strategies.

$400k Challenge Available. The Funded Trader has elevated the stakes by introducing a $400,000 challenge. This expansion in funding levels provides traders with the opportunity to aim for more substantial profits if they meet the challenge’s criteria. Aspiring traders seeking higher stakes and greater rewards will undoubtedly find this option enticing.

21 Days to First Payout. Traders participating in the Standard Challenge will now have a 21-days to withdraw profits.

These updates reflect The Funded Trader’s commitment to adapt and evolve its program to better cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its community.

About the Firm

The Funded Trader follows the belief that every retail trader deserves an opportunity to raise capital based on their performance and commitment to building their own business. They are searching for passionate and experienced traders who will succeed with the help of their funds by showing skills in various market conditions.

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