Lux Trading Firm Stocks Program- The New Program!

Three Great News in a single week! Lux Trading Firm is here to announce the introduction of its Stocks Program. This innovative program invites traders of all backgrounds to embark on a journey toward financial success by providing access to more than 12,000 stocks. The interesting part? It has no constraints of time limits or pressure to make quick profits.

Lux Trading Firm’s Funded Stocks Program is designed to empower aspiring traders and experienced investors alike to explore the world of stocks, both large and small caps, with unparalleled flexibility and support.

Lux Trading Firm Stocks Program

Lux Trading Firm New Program –Stocks Program

Here’s how you can join and thrive in this program:

Step 1: Prove You Can Profit

  • To participate in the Stocks Program, traders must demonstrate their ability to navigate the markets effectively with a minimum profit of 6%.

The Step 2: Show You Can Manage Risk

  • Traders have to make sure that the losses do not exceed 6%. This commitment to responsible trading is at the core of the program’s philosophy.

Step 3: Make Real Money

  • Once traders meet the initial profitability and risk management criteria, they can enjoy the fruits of their labor. Lux Trading Firm offers traders the chance to keep 75% of their profits. They also enable them to scale their trading accounts to a remarkable $10,000,000.

The Stocks Program isn’t just about trading—it’s about fostering a community of traders who are passionate about their craft. By providing access to a vast array of stocks and removing the pressure to generate quick profits, Lux Trading Firm enables traders to focus on honing their skills. With this program, Lux Trading Firm aims to create opportunities for traders to take control of their trading careers. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just beginning your journey in the world of stocks, Lux Trading Firm invites you to join the Funded Stocks Program and unlock your potential as a stock trader. Here are the rest of the details.

About the Firm

Lux Trading Firm is one of the leading proprietary firms with offices in London and, Slovakia, Bratislava. They specialize in supporting experienced prop traders and commit to helping them excel by providing the necessary tools and capital they need to compete in unpredictable market conditions.

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