Seamless Identity Verification with OspreyFX!

OspreyFX has announced identity verification procedures for all its esteemed traders. The guidelines aim to safeguard user accounts and elevate the overall security of the trading platform.

OspreyFX Identity Verification

OspreyFX Identity Verification Guide

Accepted Proof of Identity (POI) Documents include:

  • Passport. A universally recognized government-issued document.
  • Driving License. Providing an additional layer of verification.
  • Residence Documentation. Ensuring residential authenticity.
  • National Identity Card. A government-issued ID for citizens.

OspreyFX’s Verification Guidelines are designed to ensure the highest level of security:

  • Government-Issued Documents. Only government-issued documents will be accepted for verification.
  • Front and Back Required. Traders must provide both the front and back sides of the chosen document for thorough verification.
  • Age Restriction. Clients must be 18 years or older to access the platform, and accounts for those under 18 will be promptly disabled.
  • No Screenshots. Screenshots of documents are not acceptable. This ensures the integrity of the verification process.
  • File Formats. Documents should be in either JPEG or PNG format to facilitate efficient processing.

Identity verification is an important step to safeguard user accounts and maintain OspreyFX’s unwavering commitment to security. Until a user’s account is successfully verified, they will not be able to deposit funds or access their account for trading.

The guide of the identity verification measures signifies OspreyFX’s dedication to ensuring the utmost security and transparency within its platform, creating a safer environment for traders to thrive. Traders have to comply with these guidelines to fortify their accounts and experience the benefits of a secure trading ecosystem.

About the Firm

Here are some important facts about the firm:

  • A bonus of $1,000 with the first payout
  • 1:100 leverage
  • Overnight and weekend holding allowed
  • News trading allowed
  • EAs are allowed
  • Providing a free forex trading education section
  • Various trading instruments (forex pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies

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