TFT Interview with Ahmad- $6,100 Profit?

In an exclusive TFT interview, this time, they had an interview with Ahmad. He is a seasoned trader hailing from Malaysia to delve into his remarkable journey in the world of trading. Ahmad’s story is one of determination, learning from mistakes, and ultimately achieving financial freedom. Ahmad began his trading journey in 2011 at the tender age of 18. His initial foray into the world of trading was driven by a desire for financial independence, seeking a way to generate income without extensive social interaction.

TFT Exclusive Interview with Ahmad

One of the most intriguing aspects of Ahmad’s journey is his status as a self-taught trader. Back in 2011, reliable trading education resources were scarce, and mentorship was expensive. He embarked on his trading journey through a process of self-education despite the initial losses and hurdles he faced.

Over time, Ahmad honed his trading skills by learning from multiple mentors and drawing insights from each of them. He eventually devised a systematic approach to trading that aligned with his trading personality.

In the interview, Ahmad discusses his risk management approach, emphasizing the importance of not exceeding a 5 percent risk per day. He also details his strategy, which includes using Bollinger Bands and other technical indicators. Also, when it comes to trading instruments, Ahmad primarily focuses on AUD/USD and Gold. He explains that these instruments have been the most profitable for him after years of backtesting.

Moreover, Ahmad acknowledges that market conditions change over time. He mentions that he adapts his trading strategies based on prevailing market conditions, ensuring that his strategies remain effective. Also, Ahmad’s advice to aspiring traders is simple yet profound: “Never stop learning.” He emphasizes the importance of persistence, even in the face of losses, and encourages new traders to keep pushing forward.

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