FundedNext Trader Shanmuga Interview- $6,835 Profit?

In an exclusive FundedNext interview, Shanmuga Sunder Ganeshan, a seasoned trader, shared valuable insights into his trading strategy and his journey in the financial markets. The interview, conducted by Simon, delved into the intricacies of his approach, which has yielded success and garnered attention within the trading community.

Shanmuga Sunder Ganeshan, a full-time product manager at a communications company in Sri Lanka, balances his career with his passion for trading. He also revealed his aspiration to transition to full-time trading while offering a glimpse into his unique trading methodology.

FundedNext Trader Shanmuga Interview

His trading strategy revolves around meticulous analysis of the forex market. He primarily focuses on three currency pairs: GJ, GU, and Gold. Shanmuga explained that he chose these pairs due to their inherent volatility, which aligns with his day trading and intraday trading preferences.

“I don’t look at the charts 24/7,” Shanmuga also emphasized. “I probably spend like 25 to 30 minutes for an entire day. If I see an opportunity, I get into the trade. If not, I stay on the sidelines.”

His strategy involves a careful evaluation of price action and chart patterns. Also, Shanmuga illustrated his approach by analyzing a specific trade setup, emphasizing his preference for avoiding trading during ranging conditions.

Moreover, for those curious about his risk management, Shanmuga disclosed that he adheres to a strict one percent risk per trade, with adjustments if he encounters losses. His stop-loss and take-profit levels are meticulously set to ensure prudent risk control.

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FundedNext encourages traders to become successful in their trading careers. The main priority that they expect from their clients is that they are disciplined individuals who properly manage risk and focus on long-term consistency. This can be seen through the scaling plan they offer, with a massive cap of $4,000,000. Traders are eligible for profit splits of 60% up to 90%, depending on their chosen funding program option. They can achieve these profits by trading forex pairs, commodities, and indices.

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