Goat Funded Trader Gives an Enticing Opportunity!

Goat Funded Trader (GFT) has announced an enticing opportunity for traders with capital up to $800K. GFT’s latest initiative, designed to empower traders with significant resources, brings forth a range of unparalleled advantages.

Goat Funded Trader Enticing Opportunity

Goat Funded Trader Gives an Enticing Opportunity!

Here is what that Enticing Opportunity is:

Payout On Demand. One of the standout features of GFT’s offering is the ability for traders to request payouts on demand.

NO TIME LIMIT Option. GFT takes the pressure off traders by offering a No-Time Limit option. This means that traders are not constrained by deadlines or forced into rushed decisions.

NO Minimum Trading DaysGFT is breaking the mold by eliminating minimum trading day requirements. Traders are given the freedom to trade at their own pace without any stress.

Up to 95% Profit Split. With a profit-sharing model that offers up to 95% of profits to traders, GFT provides the opportunity for traders to maximize their earnings.

Lowest Spreads You’ll Find. GFT prides itself on offering some of the lowest spreads available in the market. This cost-effective trading environment can significantly enhance a trader’s profitability.

Best Profit Target in the Market (7%). GFT sets an industry-leading profit target of 7%, allowing traders to aim for substantial returns on their capital. Also, GFT offers a unique perk – a 100% refundable fee on the first payout. Traders with capital up to $800K can take advantage of GFT’s challenges and explore the wealth of opportunities that await within the firm. As the trading world evolves, GFT continues to lead the way with its visionary approach to prop trading.

About the Firm

Here are some interesting details about the firm:

  • Maximum allocation capital up to $800,000
  • 75% up to 95% profit split
  • Leverage up to 1:100
  • Three funding program options

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