MyFlashFunding September Statistics- New Ones are here!

With a new month comes fresh Statistics. MyFlashFunding has disclosed its performance statistics for the month of September. These numbers provide valuable insights into the outcomes of traders who participated in the firm’s Phase 1 evaluation process.

The most noteworthy highlight from MyFlashFunding’s September statistics is the substantial total funded amount of $2,603,456.82. This figure also represents the capital allocated to traders who successfully completed the Phase 1 evaluation and advanced to the next stage of the firm’s challenge program.

MyFlashFunding September Statistics

MyFlashFunding September Statistics

MyFlashFunding’s statistics reveal that the prop community experienced diverse outcomes during the Phase 1 evaluation process:

Traders Who Passed Phase 1: 19.02%

A noteworthy 19.02% of traders who underwent the Phase 1 evaluation successfully met the firm’s performance criteria and secured funding for their trading activities.

Traders Who Failed Phase 1: 80.98%

Conversely, the majority of participants, 80.98%, were unable to progress past Phase 1. While facing this initial setback, these traders will have the opportunity to learn and refine their trading strategies for future attempts or explore other avenues within the prop industry.

MyFlashFunding continues to provide aspiring traders with an opportunity to showcase their skills and gain access to capital for their trading endeavors. The firm’s commitment to transparency in sharing its monthly statistics fosters a culture of accountability and learning within the trading community.

These statistics also serve as a valuable resource for traders looking to understand the challenges and opportunities in the world of prop trading.

As the trading landscape evolves, MyFlashFunding remains dedicated to supporting and nurturing trading talent with an eye toward shaping the future of the industry.

About the Firm

MyFlashFunding has a mission to assist proficient and seasoned traders in unleashing their full potential and obtaining a funded account with them. They have also recognized that succeeding in the financial market necessitates having sufficient capital and a well-developed trading strategy. MyFlashFunding allows traders to earn 80% profit splits while managing account sizes up to $200,000. Traders can achieve success by trading forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

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