Funding Pips Unbanned Pakistan- Ready to Start Again?

Funding Pips has officially unbanned Pakistan. The decision to unban Pakistan comes with specific conditions that mark a pivotal moment. Funding Pips had previously banned Pakistan due to concerns over fraudulent activities. However, following a thorough review and assessment of the trading environment, the firm has decided to welcome back Pakistan under certain conditions.

Key Conditions for Pakistan’s Return to Trading with Funding Pips:

  • Max Allocation. Traders in Pakistan will have a maximum allocation of $50,000 for trading. This allocation limit aims to maintain a controlled and secure trading environment while allowing traders in Pakistan to participate.
  • Crypto Currency Payments Only. Funding Pips has implemented a strict requirement for all transactions originating from Pakistan. They are stipulating that they must be carried out exclusively in cryptocurrency.
Funding Pips Unbanned Pakistan

Funding Pips Unbanned Pakistan

The decision to unban Pakistan emphasizes Funding Pips’ commitment to fostering a secure and compliant trading environment. By establishing these conditions, the firm seeks to mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities.

Funding Pips has reassured traders that this move aims to support their participation in the global trading arena, with the intention of creating a more secure and trust-based trading environment.

Funding Pips’ official unbanning of Pakistan marks a significant milestone for the country’s trading community, offering traders a chance to engage in responsible and secure trading with a reputable prop firm. The conditions set forth by Funding Pips demonstrate a commitment to preventing fraudulent activities and ensuring transparency within the trading world. As traders gear up for this new chapter, Pakistan’s trading scene is going for a resurgence of activity and growth.

About the Firm

Funding Pips believes that traders progress through three key stages in their professional journey. To evaluate trading talents and provide support in overcoming funding challenges, they have developed a two-phase evaluation followed by a funded phase, where traders will become eligible for significant capital.

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