MyFundedFX Performance Statistics- How Many Passed?

MyFundedFX has recently released a detailed report containing performance statistics from the past week. These statistics provide valuable insights into the outcomes of traders who participated in the firm’s challenge program.

The report discloses that during the previous week, traders took part in MyFundedFX’s challenge. These traders, from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, engaged in the evaluation of their trading skills. They wanted to prove their abilities in the challenging trading markets.

MyFundedFX Performance Statistics

MyFundedFX Performance Statistics

1,896 traders successfully passed the challenge, showcasing their trading proficiency and meeting the firm’s criteria for trading excellence. This represents a significant accomplishment and underscores the potential of these traders to thrive in the competitive world of prop trading.

On the flip side, the report also reveals that a substantial number of 7,139 traders did not meet the required benchmarks and were categorized as “Total Breached.” While this signifies a temporary setback for these individuals, it’s essential to remember that trading is a dynamic and complex venture, and not all trading decisions will result in immediate success.

MyFundedFX’s decision to release these statistics demonstrates its commitment to transparency and its dedication to supporting and developing trading talent. By providing aspiring traders with the opportunity to participate in challenges, the firm not only identifies promising individuals but also contributes to their growth and development as traders.

These statistics from MyFundedFX shed light on the multifaceted and competitive world of proprietary trading and highlight the importance of continuous learning and adaptability in trading markets.

As these traders progress in their careers, their experiences and insights will contribute to the evolving landscape of the Prop Trading industry. Lastly, MyFundedFX’s commitment to nurturing trading talent remains a focal point of their strategy, offering opportunities for traders to prove their mettle in the trading arena.

About the Firm

Here are some fascinating facts about the firm:

  • Unlimited trading period to complete evaluation phases
  • Also, excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.7/5
  • Maximum balance of up to $1,500,000
  • 80% profit splits
  • Also, Bi-weekly payouts
  • Overnight and weekend holding allowed

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