TopTier Trader Monthly Statistics for October- New Numbers!

TopTier Trader has released its Monthly Statistics for October, offering an insightful glimpse into the firm’s traders’ performance and trading activities during the past month. These statistics provide a valuable overview of the trading volume, traders’ payout, most traded instruments, etc, shedding light on the competitive landscape and the challenges and opportunities faced by traders in the trading markets.

As we delve into the October statistics, we can gain a better understanding of TopTier Trader and how it navigated the dynamic and ever-changing world of Prop Trading in that particular month.

TopTier Trader Monthly Statistics for October

Here are the Statistics:

  • Total Payouts in October: $851,413.23
  • Total Number of Trades Taken: 8900
  • Total Volume Traded in October: 24256.46 lots,
    • Most traded instruments by Volume:
      • GBPUSD: 4552.79 lots traded
      • GBPJPY: 4082.44 lots traded
      • EURUSD: 3345.3 lots traded
  • Total Volume Traded Closed Trades in October: 22345.54 lots.
    • Most Traded Instruments by closed trades: 
      • GBPUSD: 4344.17 lots traded
      • GBPJPY: 3637.89 lots traded
      • EURUSD: 3150. 67 lots traded

Top Payouts

The Top Payouts for this particular month are as follows:

TopTier Trader Statistics October

These statistics not only reflect the firm’s performance but also contribute to a broader understanding of the markets, providing valuable insights for both seasoned traders and those who want to enter the world of proprietary trading. As we look ahead to the future, TopTier Trader’s dedication to transparency and data-driven decision-making continues to set a high standard within the industry, making their Monthly Statistics an essential resource for traders.

About the Firm

Traders at TopTier Trader are encouraged to succeed in their careers. You may trade at your discretion and hold your trades as long as you want. The only restrictions are using EAs and copy trading, which is prohibited. Besides that, all they care about are the loss limits, while their main goal is to contract consistent traders and reward them with their high 80% up to 90% profit split.

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