TFT Trader Matteen Interview- 23 Failures & One Great Success?

In a recent exclusive TFT interview, Matteen Mojadidi, a 22-year-old trader from Canada, shared his remarkable journey into the world of trading. Matteen, who hails from Vancouver, BC, opened up about his unique path that led him to a successful career in trading.

Matteen, who has earned recognition as a rising star at The Funded Trader (TFT), described how he transitioned from aspiring to be a police officer during his school years to becoming a trader. He revealed that the pivotal moment in his trading career came during the COVID-19 lockdown, which drastically slowed down his work opportunities.

During this time, Matteen was introduced to Forex trading by a cousin, and he began his trading journey. He shared how he initially started by taking signals and experimenting with buy and sell orders. Despite initial losses, the experience ignited his passion for trading.

TFT Trader Matteen Interview

Matteen spoke candidly about his unique approach to trading, driven by his love for excitement and challenges. He likened the thrill of trading to the dynamic nature of being a police officer, with every trade offering a new set of challenges and objectives.

When asked about his learning process, Matteen admitted that he initially had no guidance and learned through trial and error. He revealed that he explored different trading strategies from notable figures in the trading world, such as Q Banks, Lambo, and EDS. Matteen synthesized elements of these strategies to create his own unique approach.

One of the most significant hurdles Matteen faced was psychological, particularly the struggle to hold onto winning trades. He also discussed difficulties in accepting losses and revealed that he sought mentorship from a psychological coach to help address these issues. He emphasized that trading psychology plays a critical role in his journey as a trader.

Despite the challenges he faced, Matteen’s perseverance paid off. He disclosed that he now manages over seven figures in funding across various proprietary trading firms and has withdrawn over $110,000 in profits since October of the previous year.

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