Glow Node One-Step Evaluation- The right choice?

Glow Node is a proprietary trading firm with a premium funding plan for traders worldwide. They started with a vision to help traders become profitable by seeing a gap in the market. The firm allows traders a chance to work with more significant amounts of capital. They offer Two Evaluation programs: Two-Step Evaluation and One-Step Evaluation. By providing capital and education to traders, they believe that by partnering up, everyone can come out on top. They allow traders to earn generous profit splits by managing up to $1,000,000 and taking home up to 90% profit. Let’s discuss the Glow Node One-Step Evaluation today.

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Glow Node One-Step Evaluation

The important things to remember about this evaluation are as follows:

  • The evaluation phase requires a trader to reach a profit target of 10% while not surpassing their 4% maximum daily and 8% maximum trailing loss rules. You are allowed to trade for an unlimited time period. During this time, you are only required to reach the profit target while also having no minimum trading day requirements in order to proceed to funded status.

By completing the evaluation phase, you are awarded a funded account where you have no profit targets. Moreover, you are only required to respect the 4% maximum daily and 8% maximum trailing loss rules. 

Glow Node’s one-phase evaluation program account allows traders to meet the evaluation requirements in an unlimited time period, where you are allowed to trade with 1:30 leverage.

Your first payout is also 14 calendar days from the day you place your first position on your funded account. Note that whenever you receive your first payout, all of your following payouts will also be based on a bi-weekly basis. Your profit split will be 80% based on the profit you make. This can also be increased to 90% by successfully scaling your funded account for the first time.

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