TFT Trader Interview with Denzel- $11,400 Profit?

In a recent TFT Trader interview, Denzel Dube, a remarkable trader originally from South Africa and now residing in Ireland, opens up about his journey into the world of trading and his path to success.

Dube’s story is one of humble beginnings, where he learned that making a living required determination and effort, whether it was through coding, hustling, or any means necessary. His journey into trading began in college, prompted by the allure of what he had seen in movies like “The Wolf of Wall Street” and the mysterious world of trading on laptop screens.

However, Dube’s transition into trading wasn’t without its challenges. He initially lacked the correct mindset, driven by a strong desire for immediate financial success. But what set him apart was his commitment to learning and growing. He began reading extensively, a habit he had previously neglected. This reading allowed him to become calmer and more stable when approaching the markets.

TFT Trader Interview with Denzel

One of Dube’s key takeaways from his journey is the value of embracing losses. He cherishes each loss because it serves as a valuable lesson. Every loss becomes a part of his “secret formula” to navigate the market successfully.

Over time, Dube’s psychology evolved as he learned to accept and manage losses. He realized that trading is about accepting the reality that every trade has two possible outcomes: a win or a loss. 

Dube also emphasizes the importance of having a daily routine. He draws inspiration from the book “Atomic Habits,” which discusses how habits form. His routine includes waking up early, hitting the gym, and then focusing on trading. This structure allows him to stay calm and fully focused when analyzing the markets.

Dube’s trading strategy is based on higher time frame analysis and following the market’s flow. He primarily focuses on US30, IND, and J30 and aims to capture trades moving between 125 and 250 points. He follows market structure, rejections, and key levels for his trading decisions.

He advises fellow traders to follow the trend and avoid forcing trades against it, as it is essential to let the market’s natural flow guide your decisions.

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