Prop Firms October Updates- All in One!

Hello, everyone! Well, as another month wraps up, we’re eager to bring you the most recent updates from some of the industry’s leading prop trading firms that have occurred during the month of October. Now, these updates include a variety of modifications, including some adjustments in trading goals and rules, the introduction of fresh features, and even the removal of some existing ones. 

Prop Firms October Updates

Without any further ado, in absolutely no particular order, let’s jump in and look at the prop trading firm companies that implemented some changes for you during October.

The Funded Trader

The first company we’re going to be covering is The Funded Trader, who rolled out three updates during the month of October.

  • The first one is an unlimited trading period for the rapid challenge. 
  • The Funded Trader has also removed their previously implemented lot size restrictions. 
  • And lastly, The Funded Trader has introduced a bi-weekly withdrawal add-on for the Royal challenge. 

True Forex Funds

The second prop firm that implemented a single update during October is True Forex Funds.

  • They’ve recently introduced a fairly convenient addition, which is the Advcash withdrawal method. Now, this new feature provides traders with an efficient and secure way to manage their withdrawn funds, further enhancing the flexibility and accessibility of their earnings. 

Funding Pips

The next company that’s made a few adjustments is Funding Pips. To be precise, four changes throughout October.

  • First, they’ve removed the mandatory stop-loss rule, providing traders with greater flexibility in managing their positions.
  • Additionally, Funding Pips has also removed restrictions on three trading strategies.
    •  They now allow the utilization of the Martingale strategy. 
    • The second was the introduction of the grinding strategy as an approved method that provides even more options for traders to refine their tactics.
    • Lastly, Funding Pips has removed restrictions on the use of layering strategy, which broadens the spectrum of viable trading methods and opens up new avenues for traders to approach the market.

Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus has also made some significant strides towards refining the best possible trading experience for its traders. They’ve introduced seven updates throughout the month of October.

  • First, they’ve increased their sorry daily loss to 4% for all experienced program account types.
  • The second update was the reduction of the $200,000 experienced program account to $949 USD, which is a fairly good reduction from the previous price of $999. 
  • The fourth and fifth updates with the implementation of a 6% increased maximum loss limit and the newly introduced 6% daily loss limit on all master programs, which just provides traders with additional drawdown room. 
  • Lastly, the sixth and seventh changes were the implementation of a 90% and 100% profit split on all funding program types and account sizes if certain criteria are met. 

Finotive Funding

Another company that’s made some implementations in October is Finotive Funding, two to be exact. 

  • They introduced a new withdrawal platform, their very own Finotive Pay, which will provide traders with numerous payout opportunities based on their personal preferences. 
  • They made an additional update to their Finotive Pay platform by introducing wire transfer withdrawals in native currencies. 


SurgeTrader has also made an enhancement that promises to, well, kind of revolutionize the trading experience of their traders.

  • They’ve implemented a two-step audition process. It’s a different type of audition process. So, this is the introduction of the two-step audition, where traders now have a more comprehensive and robust funding program to demonstrate their proficiency and manage account sizes of up to $500,000 while earning profit splits of up to 90%. 


MyFundedFX has also recently rolled out a fairly significant update to enhance its user experience.

  • So, they introduced RiseWorks as a new payment method. Now, with the inclusion of RiseWorks, traders now have an additional option for seamless and efficient transactions, further expanding the flexibility of payment methods available on their platform.

City Traders Imperium

Next up is City Traders Imperium. They unveiled two significant updates in October, aiming to provide traders with more flexibility and opportunities for success.

  • The first one was the introduction of an unlimited trading period on all funding programs.
  • Secondly, they have introduced two smaller account sizes.

Bespoke Funding

Bespoke Funding made a single update in October. They’ve transitioned to ThinkMarkets as their new liquidity provider. It just marks a bit of a step forward, showcasing Bespoke Funding’s dedication to providing traders with top-tier liquidity and a seamless trading experience. 

Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital Group also made a change in October.

  • They introduced cTrader as a new trading platform option. This addition exemplifies Alpha Capital Group’s commitment to offering traders a diverse and cutting-edge trading experience.

Blue Guardian

Another company to implement a significant update in October is Blue Guardian.

  • So, they made trading even more favorable by removing commission fees on indices. So, this move underscores Blue Guardian’s commitment to its traders in providing the best possible opportunities to navigate the markets. 

Goat Funded Trader

Goat Funded Trader also unveiled an update in October, their very own lot size calculator feature. They are providing traders with a nice little effective tool that is needed for precise and efficient position sizing. So nice little update there from Goat Funded Trader.

Super Funded

Super Funded is the next company that’s been active in October.

  • They’ve made a single change where they have forged a new partnership with Skrill. 

Lux Trading Firm

October also brought an exciting development from Lux Trading Firm as they introduced the Lux MetaTrader5 trading platform. Now, this addition offers traders an advanced and versatile toolset for navigating the financial markets.

Forex Prop Firm

The penultimate prop trading firm that made an adjustment. So here we are with Forex Prop Firm.

  • At the beginning of the month, they announced an upcoming dashboard update, setting the stage for an enhanced user experience. Then, in the latter half of October, they delivered on their promise by launching the new dashboard update. 

The Trading Pit

And the last company that we’ll cover that implemented new updates in October is The Trading Pit.

  • Firstly, they celebrated the grand opening of their new office location in Cyprus, a great strategic expansion in their global presence.
  • And then, they also introduced a powerful new profit calculator tool, giving their traders an invaluable resource for precise position management. 

Well, guys, these have been the October Prop Firms 2023 updates and changes from some of the industry’s leading proprietary trading firms. But the details of this update are in the Video:

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