MyFlashFunding October Statistics- Better or Not?

MyFlashFunding has reported substantial success in its October Statistics, showing a total funded amount of $3,807,701.45. The firm’s robust performance underscores its commitment to fostering skilled traders and cultivating success in the competitive trading markets.

These statistics show how many passed their evaluation programs. The best part of these statistics is that they show the number for both of the Phases separately.

MyFlashFunding October Statistics

October marked a period of intense challenges for traders enrolled in MyFlashFunding’s trading program. The firm has two phases of challenges to assess the capabilities of its traders.

Phase 1 Challenge Results:

  • Pass Rate: 23.96%
  • Fail Rate: 76.04%

Despite the challenging nature of Phase 1, a significant percentage of traders demonstrated their proficiency and advanced to the next level.

Phase 2 Challenge Results:

  • Pass Rate: 34.78%
  • Fail Rate: 65.22%

The Phase 2 challenges posed an additional layer of complexity, separating the highly skilled traders from the rest. MyFlashFunding witnessed a notable success rate in this phase, showcasing the depth of talent within its prop community.

MyFlashFunding’s commitment to providing a platform for traders to prove their skills and access funding has contributed to the firm’s growing reputation in the proprietary trading industry. The success rate of the challenges in October is a testament to the effectiveness of their evaluation process.

MyFlashFunding’s dedication to supporting traders on their journey to financial success. The firm emphasized its ongoing commitment to providing opportunities for talented individuals to thrive in the dynamic world of proprietary trading.

About the Firm

MyFlashFunding is a proprietary trading firm founded on the 27th of April, 2023, and started operating on the 2nd of August, 2023. Their CEO is Blake Carter. They are a proprietary trading firm that has offices located in the United States. MyFlashFunding offers traders all across the globe a chance to get funded with two unique funding programs: a one-step and a two-step evaluation challenge. While working with them, traders are able to merge trading accounts up to $400,000 while additionally scaling their account to a potential $2,000,000. 

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