TFT Trader Steven Interview- $25,000 in Payouts?

In a candid trader interview with TFT, Miami native Steven Stanimirovic shares the highs and lows of his trading expedition, shedding light on crucial lessons gleaned throughout his journey.

Stanimirovic’s foray into trading commenced with a fascination for cryptocurrency. However, faced with setbacks and losses typical in the crypto realm, he took a hiatus and explored Airbnb Arbitrage. During this break, he stumbled upon Traders Reality, specifically learning from Tino. This encounter reignited his trading passion and marked the beginning of a transformative journey.

Learning from mentors is a pivotal aspect of Stanimirovic’s approach. Discovering Tino’s insights into market makers and the hybrid system became a turning point. Simple yet effective indicators, such as high-volume candles and fair value considerations, played a crucial role in shaping Stanimirovic’s trading strategy.

TFT Trader Steven Interview

Acknowledging the inevitability of failures in trading, Stanimirovic emphasizes the significance of risk management. Being comfortable with losses, as long as the overall strategy ensures consistent profitability, is crucial. He sees failure as an integral part of the trading process and encourages traders to learn from their mistakes while maintaining a disciplined approach to risk.

The transition from being unprofitable to profitable involved a blend of time, experience, and dedicated study for Stanimirovic. He underscores the importance of recognizing when to admit being wrong, understanding market irrationality, and the continual process of improving decision-making.

Stanimirovic candidly shares that he consistently struggles with longing resistance and shorting support. Overcoming biases and recognizing when to switch directions are ongoing challenges that traders must grapple with. The battle against greed and knowing when to exit a trade remains paramount.

Key skills Stanimirovic developed on his path to profitability include risk management and understanding lot size dynamics. His approach to aggressive trading during challenges and a more conservative strategy in funded accounts emphasizes the importance of having multiple funded accounts as a risk mitigation strategy.

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