FunderPro and ThinkMarkets- A New Partnership

FunderPro has announced a strategic partnership with the well-established regulated broker ThinkMarkets. This collaboration is going to bring about a paradigm shift in FunderPro’s operations, enhancing performance and fortifying stability. The union of these two industry leaders is going to create a synergy that benefits traders.

ThinkMarkets, known for its commitment to regulatory compliance and cutting-edge trading technology, brings a wealth of experience and a robust platform to the alliance. This collaboration not only reflects a shared commitment to excellence but also signifies a strategic move towards providing FunderPro traders with a competitive edge in the market.

FunderPro ThinkMarkets Partnership

FunderPro and ThinkMarkets- A Partnership

The partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both entities, combining FunderPro’s proprietary trading expertise with ThinkMarkets’ established brokerage services. This union is going to open up new avenues for traders associated with FunderPro, offering them enhanced tools, resources, and a broader market reach.

Traders can anticipate an improved trading experience with this partnership as FunderPro and ThinkMarkets collaborate to integrate their technologies and resources. The strategic partnership also aligns with the broader industry trend of firms joining forces to navigate the evolving trading landscape successfully.

As the prop ecosystem continues to evolve, collaborations like the one between FunderPro and ThinkMarkets showcase the adaptability and innovation required to thrive in the competitive world of Proprietary. 

About the Firm

FunderPro is a proprietary trading firm that is transforming how traders interact with financial markets by creating opportunities to trade with lower risks. Their challenges will allow traders of all levels of experience a fair opportunity to pass while not limiting their path to achieving success.

FunderPro evaluates their traders’ potential with a 2-phase evaluation process, where they are given a demo account with virtual funds to trade on while they monitor their performance.

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