Glow Node Black Friday Offer- Get Started Now!

Glow Node has just announced an extraordinary Black Friday deal that is going to revolutionize the world of Proprietary trading. The firm is offering a staggering 40% discount on funding accounts ranging from $5,000 to $50,000, making it an enticing opportunity for traders seeking financial backing.

Furthermore, Glow Node’s two-phase evaluation and one-phase evaluation programs aim to identify talented traders who are rewarded for their consistency in the two-phase evaluation period. The evaluation programs allow you to trade with 1:30 leverage.

Glow Node Black Friday

Glow Node Black Friday Offer

Under the promotional code “NOV,” traders can take advantage of this limited-time offer to propel their trading careers to new heights. However, Glow Node, known for its commitment to empowering traders, is presenting this unique chance to be funded at a fraction of the usual cost.

The Black Friday deal is going to attract both seasoned and aspiring traders eager to capitalize on this unprecedented opportunity. Glow Node has been gaining attention in the Prop trading community for its innovative approaches and supportive environment for traders. This Black Friday offer is also a testament to the firm’s dedication to fostering success among its community members.

The deal also covers a wide range of accounts, allowing traders to choose an option that aligns with their financial goals and risk tolerance. Lastly, the promotion is to boost trader engagement and bring new talent into the Glow Node community.

Traders interested in seizing this unique Black Friday opportunity have to act quickly, as the deal is only available for a limited time. 

About the Firm

Here are some interesting facts about the firm:

  • Scaling up to $1,000,000
  • Bi-weekly withdrawals
  • Scaleable profit split up to 90%
  • Unlimited trading period
  • No minimum trading day requirements
  • Overnight holding and weekend holding is allowed
  • News trading is allowed
  • Weekend crypto trading is allowed

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