TFT Trader Arlindo Interview- $17,200 in Payouts?

In an exclusive TFT Interview, Arlindo Urucho, a trader from Mozambique, has emerged as a shining star in the world of Prop trading. Urucho, who has been trading with TFT, recently celebrated his fifth successful payout within a span of just three months.

Urucho’s journey in the world of trading has been nothing short of inspirational. Facing challenges and setbacks, he demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his craft. Notably, he overcame a significant 9% drawdown not once but twice, showcasing exceptional resilience and strategic thinking.

TFT Trader Arlindo Interview

Urucho revealed the key factors behind his success. He emphasized a meticulous risk management strategy that adjusts based on his account balance. His unique approach involves risking more, sometimes up to 3% of his account, during specific trading conditions. This bold strategy allows him to capitalize on favorable market movements and secure profits.

What sets Urucho apart is his ability to maintain a strong mindset even during challenging times. He shared that he engages in activities like playing football and taking breaks to stay emotionally stable. These practices, coupled with a disciplined approach to trading, have contributed to his consistent success.

Urucho also discussed his experience with TFT challenges, acknowledging the occasional setbacks but demonstrating resilience. His current focus is on acquiring full Max allocation with TFT, and he recently started another challenge, aiming to surpass phase one in just two weeks.

Looking toward the future, Urucho has ambitious plans. He expressed a desire to get fully funded with TFT, aiming for a six-figure funded account. Beyond trading, he revealed plans to venture into real estate, leveraging the financial independence gained through his trading success.

The impact of trading on Urucho’s life is profound. Starting with borrowed funds, he now enjoys a degree of financial independence that has opened doors to new possibilities. At just 25 years old, he envisions building real estate projects, showcasing the transformative power of success in the forex market.

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November 22, 2023