The Trading Pit Trader Osama Interview-$7100 in Payouts!

In a recent interview with The Trading Pit, successful trader Osama Abdel Aziz shared insights into his journey from curiosity to trading mastery, highlighting his disciplined approach and unique strategies. Since 2010, the 38-year-old Egyptian trader has achieved four payouts totaling $7,100.94, showcasing the potential of trading CFDs with the right mindset.

Osama Abdel Aziz, a dedicated trader, discovered the world of trading in 2010 while exploring online opportunities as a fresh graduate. Motivated by an advertisement for a broker, he delved into the trading field, relying on limited resources and Arabic forums for guidance.

The Trading Pit Trader Osama Interview

The Trading Pit Trader Osama Interview

However, Osama honed his skills by incorporating strategies and insights from YouTuber Sherif Khorshid. Focusing exclusively on Gold and Dow Jones over the past two years, his approach is rooted in support and demand analysis, coupled with a keen understanding of price action.

Osama’s success in completing The Trading Pit’s challenge stems from his methodical strategy. He analyzes the Dow Jones with the market open candle, employing a trailing stop loss and emphasizing patience for the right entry point. Avoiding hedging, he waits for the 1-hour candle to close, determining his move based on the trend—upward, downward, or neutral. For Gold, he aligns his trades with the general market direction.

Offering advice to aspiring traders, Osama emphasizes self-education and informed decision-making. He suggests understanding charts thoroughly, watching educational videos, and prioritizing risk management. Starting with a demo account, he advises practicing until confidence in trading abilities is established.

Moreover, Osama employs a trailing stop loss and adjusts his lot size based on the asset—0.05 for Gold and 0.30 for Dow Jones. Adhering to the Daily Drawdown limit set by TTP, his risk management aligns with his trading style.

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