MyFundedFx Weekly Trading Statistics- New Ones?

MyFundedFx has shared its weekly trading statistics report for the period November 13th to November 19th. The comprehensive statistics provide insights into the firm’s traders’ activity, revealing a total of 7,109 breached trades and 1,321 successful trades during the specified timeframe.

In a market environment characterized by volatility and dynamic fluctuations, MyFundedFx traders continue to navigate the challenges of the forex landscape. The report showcases the firm’s commitment to transparency and accountability by presenting both successful and breached trade statistics.

MyFundedFx Weekly Trading Statistics

MyFundedFx Weekly Trading Statistics

The report indicates a total of 7,109 breached, reflecting the diverse range of market conditions faced by traders during the week. This figure underscores the firm’s engagement with various market scenarios and its dedication to learning from both successes and setbacks.

Moreover, despite the challenges presented by the market, MyFundedFx demonstrated resilience with a noteworthy 1,321 successful traders. This statistic highlights the traders’ ability to capitalize on opportunities and make informed decisions in a fast-paced trading environment.

MyFundedFx’s performance report offers valuable insights into the dynamics of the forex markets during the specified week. 

The firm’s commitment to providing detailed performance reports aligns with the broader industry trend of transparency and openness in the sector. MyFundedFx traders remain dedicated to optimizing their trading strategies and adapting to the ever-changing market landscape. As the industry continues to evolve, the firm’s commitment to transparency and performance evaluation positions it as a prominent player in the proprietary trading space.

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