Glow Node Important Updates- Payout and Challenge Updates!

Glow Node revealed a series of important developments and updates that are going to enhance user experience and transparency within the firm. One of the foremost updates pertains to the implementation of a new payment provider. Despite initial expectations for completion by yesterday, the firm now anticipates finalizing the onboarding process by next Wednesday.

Notably, Glow Node is actively revisiting all pending payout requests and prioritizing cryptocurrency payments, utilizing Moonpay for transactions. However, due to a daily limit of $10,000 on Moonpay, the company is encouraging PayPal account holders to opt for immediate payments. Additionally, alternative payment methods, such as bank transfers, are being offered, with the option for users to provide their swift and IBAN numbers for direct transfers.

Glow Node Important Updates

To maintain full transparency, Glow Node disclosed that there are currently 28 pending withdrawals, assuring users that these will be processed expeditiously. Following the Wednesday deadline, the company promises a return to normal payout procedures, with the added convenience of automated same-day payments.

In an effort to revamp their Classic plan, Glow Node has introduced several modifications:

  • 4% Phase 2 profit target instead of the previous 5%.
  • An 85% profit split right from the start.
  • Option to upgrade to a 90% profit split.
  • Weekly payouts add-on for added flexibility.
  • 4% daily and 8% overall profit thresholds.
  • Notably, the custom plan still allows for up to a 12% drawdown.

As part of its commitment to maintaining a fair and conducive trading environment, Glow Node has also updated its terms and conditions, specifically focusing on trading rules. The company acknowledges its growth in the past year and, in response, emphasizes the need to enforce existing rules for the benefit of the entire trading community. 

These comprehensive updates reflect Glow Node’s dedication to providing a dynamic and secure trading platform for its expanding user base.

About the Firm

Here are some important facts about the firm:

  • One-step evaluation and two-step evaluation
  • Chance to customize your evaluation objectives
  • Excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.7/5
  • Scaling up to $1,000,000
  • Bi-weekly withdrawals
  • Scaleable profit split up to 90%

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