The 5%ers Trader Onur Interview- More than $17k Payouts?

Onur, an Economics student based in Istanbul, Turkey, is celebrating as a successful funded trader with The 5%ers and shares his journey in the Trader Interview. Having scaled his account three times from $60K, Onur has not only demonstrated his trading prowess but also received four payouts totaling $17,529.77. Onur has been buying and selling stocks for five years, with a serious focus on becoming a professional trader for the past year. His trading plan revolves around identifying traps and capitulation moves, drawing inspiration from ICT concepts, and incorporating his unique ideas.

The 5%ers Trader Onur Interview

While acknowledging the importance of a trading plan, Onur attributes his success to broader factors such as lifestyle, stress management, and intuition. According to him, the key moment in his trading career was realizing that trading success depends on one’s personal character and lifestyle choices. Onur faced the challenge of blowing his personal accounts multiple times, a particularly painful experience due to currency differences. Undeterred, he dedicated himself to learning, emphasizing the irreplaceable value of forward testing in honing trading skills. Adapting risk management to his trading personality, Onur chose a trading style that involves using a large lot size with small pip stop-losses. This approach aligns with his preference for trades that play out quickly. For traders, Onur offers valuable advice: success in trading is not just about strategies or psychological tricks but about personal resilience, focus, and a healthy lifestyle. According to him, being in a state of good health and extreme stress resilience significantly reduces the likelihood of financial losses.

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The 5%ers Funding Traders & Growth Program launched in 2016, aiming to provide full-time traders with higher capital than ordinarily available to them. They are passionate and dedicated to this profession. The 5%ers is an officially registered UK company based in London. Also, use our Discount Link for a 5% Discount or read the Review.