Glow Node Updates- New Payment Processor, Broker, & More!

Glow Node has shared a series of significant updates aimed at enhancing trader experience and satisfaction. After facing challenges in the crypto landscape, the firm has successfully integrated a new payment processor, bringing relief to its users by enabling same-day payouts. Addressing concerns and streamlining the withdrawal process, Glow Node will now guide users through the necessary steps via email when requesting a withdrawal, ensuring a seamless and efficient transaction experience.

Glow Node New Updates

Moreover, Glow Node has officially entered into a partnership with Purple Trading. Despite previously utilizing Eightcap since its launch in September 2022, Glow Node conducted extensive research and testing of various brokers, ultimately choosing Purple Trading for its superior trading conditions and impressive track record in the prop firm world. This transition reflects Glow Node’s commitment to providing its traders with only the best trading opportunities available. Furthermore, Glow Node is going to revolutionize its affiliate program, simplifying the process for customers to earn commissions. Every customer will now automatically receive a unique referral link, granting them the ability to earn commissions by simply sharing the link with friends. This approach eliminates the need for multiple platform sign-ups, as all affiliate activities can be managed directly within the customer dashboard. Lastly, Glow Node is offering a 25% discount with the code “XMAS” for a limited time, providing traders with an opportunity to maximize their trading benefits during the holiday season. These updates underscore Glow Node’s dedication to continuous improvement, traders’ satisfaction, and a commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions in the dynamic world of prop trading.

About the Firm

Glow Node is a proprietary trading firm with a premium funding plan for traders worldwide. They started with a vision to help traders become profitable by seeing a gap in the market and allowing traders a chance to work with more significant amounts of capital. By providing capital and education to traders, they believe that by partnering up, everyone can come out on top. Also, don’t forget to use our Discount Code (FOREXPROPREVIEWS) for a 10% Discount or read the Review.