Prop Firms November Updates- All in One!

Hello, everyone! Well, November has come to an end, and if you can believe it, 2023 is nearly over. This means that we’re here to present all of the updates from some of the leading prop trading firms that did occur during the month of November. Now, there are a total of 14 prop trading firms that have introduced something new to the community throughout November. The industry has certainly been busy. These updates include a variety of modifications, including adjustments to trading goals and rules, the introduction of fresh features, and the removal of some existing ones.

Prop Firms November Updates!

We’re going to dive in no particular order; let’s take a look at some of the key updates that happened during November from some of the industry’s leading prop trading firms.

E8 Funding

All right, the first company we’ll cover is E8 Funding. Starting with their main update in November, E8 Funding unveiled a significant milestone, which is a strategic collaboration with Purple Trading SC, marking a good leap forward for the company.


FundedNext implemented some notable changes.
  • Firstly, they introduced a cutting-edge symbol page, empowering traders globally with a comprehensive resource providing real-time data on prices, spreads, commissions, and contract sizes.
  • The second update from FundedNext is the introduction of a brand promise guarantee, ensuring the swift processing of payouts within 24 hours.
  • Lastly, the third and fourth updates were the introduction of two add-on features. FundedNext has introduced a 95% lifetime payout and a weekly payout add-on feature that can be added for an additional fee when purchasing a funding program.

The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader rolled out two updates.
  • Firstly, they reinstated wires as a withdrawal method option for all successful traders, providing a more versatile and efficient choice for withdrawing.
  • Additionally, the firm unveiled the Dragon Challenge as its second update, which is a three-step evaluation to be active before the conclusion of 2023.


MyFundedFX has also implemented two changes and updates throughout November that can bring some added convenience and options to their community.
  • The initial update involved incorporating PayPal as a fresh payment method, offering enhanced flexibility for purchasing any evaluation program account.
  • The second update unveiled a strategic broker partnership between MyFundedFX and Blueberry Markets.


Next up is Fidelcrest. They made a single adjustment in November, which is an adjustment to its fee structure, by introducing a commission fee of $6 per round lot.

Finotive Funding

In November, Finotive Funding executed a single but rather impactful update.
  • The firm announced the reintroduction of cryptocurrency trading to its platform, marking a significant return after a brief hiatus for a strategic switch in liquidity providers.


FTMO remains dynamic throughout November, unveiling three significant updates.
  • The first one was the incorporation of a fourth trading platform option, which is DX Trade.
  • The second update from FTMO involved streamlining account types by discontinuing aggressive options.
  • Lastly, they introduced a new premium program offering traders the opportunity to qualify by meeting specific criteria. This premium program comes with a host of favorable features.

Alpha Capital Group

Another company that introduced an update in November was Alpha Capital Group.
  • The company implemented a new withdrawal method called RISE, designed to facilitate a smooth and efficient process for withdrawing performance fees.

Blue Guardian

Next up is Blue Guardian. They implemented a solitary update aiming to improve their user experience and offer some added convenience.
  • They introduced a new account monitoring feature designed to enhance your experience as a trader. This system sends a reminder email five days before the expiration of your 30-day inactivity period.

TopTier Trader

TopTier Trader is another company that implemented a few changes in November.
  • The first one was the migration from OspreyFX to ThinkMarkets brokerage, which was just going to enhance the trading experience for their traders.
  • In their view, the second change was the announcement of a comprehensive upgrade to TopTier Trader’s trading server. This implementation will result in lower latency and tighter spreads.
  • Lastly, the update was the removal of their lot size limit on all funded accounts, meaning that traders now have complete flexibility when it comes to trading with larger lot sizes.

City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium made some changes in November as well.
  • They introduced new account sizes for both their instant funding and direct funding programs.
  • The second update involved a leverage increase across all of their instant funding and direct funding programs.


FunderPro has made a transition from OspreyFX to Think Markets as their chosen broker. So, this strategic migration is set to elevate the trading experience for Funder Traders.

Audacity Capital

Audacity Capital has implemented a change as well. The company has unveiled its website in Arabic and has commenced offering support in Arabic.

The Trading Pit

The final company we’re going to mention in this list for November is The Trading Pit. They’ve incorporated two new payment methods, offering their community just an added layer of flexibility when acquiring any of their challenge accounts. Well, these have been the updates and changes throughout November for some of the industry’s leading prop trading firms. For details about these Updates, Watch the Video:
We can clearly see that the industry as a whole is evolving more and more rapidly, and prop trading firms are constantly looking to evolve and improve their offerings. And it doesn’t look to stop anytime soon, which is good news for traders. Also, stay updated with us by reading the Latest Prop News. Also, check out the Discount Codes we offer for Various Prop Firms.