TFT Trader Nehal Podcast Episode- Valuable Insights!

In a recent podcast episode, Nehal, a trader affiliated with the firm TFT, shared valuable insights into her trading journey. Having made over $225,000 in payouts within just three months, Nehal is a relatively new but successful player in the world of trading. Nehal began her trading endeavors in 2018 under the guidance of a friend who was already an experienced trader. Initially drawn to the Forex market and engaging with platforms like IML, she faced challenges in finding consistency. Despite encountering difficulties with signals and over-leveraging, Nehal persisted, eventually turning profitable in her third year of trading.

TFT Trader Nehal Podcast Episode

The turning point in her trading career came with a significant shift. Nehal transitioned from trading Forex to focusing on futures, particularly NQ (Nasdaq futures) and ES (S&P 500 futures). This strategic move allowed her to capitalize on increased liquidity and momentum, enabling her success as a scalper. As a futures scalper, Nehal operates during specific market hours, with a keen focus on the first hour of market opening. Her trading style involves swift entries and exits, typically concluding her trades within the early hours of the trading day. Reflecting on her journey, Nehal emphasized the importance of trial and error in achieving profitability. Overcoming challenges such as revenge trading and over-trading, she highlighted the role of journaling in her success. Nehal believes that maintaining a trading journal and simplifying one’s approach can significantly reduce stress and contribute to consistent gains. When asked about her trading routine, Nehal revealed that she also engages in the London session, trading from 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. However, she emphasized the importance of finding a balance and ensuring adequate rest.

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