Alpha Capital Group Updated Review! & DISCOUNT CODE!

Hello, guys! This time, we’ve prepared another review for you. We’re talking about an Updated Review of Alpha Capital Group. They have implemented a large number of updates in the past eight months from the time that we did the last review about them. They’ve grown incredibly in this period and have become one of the more popular prop trading firm options for traders worldwide. But let’s dive into the review and check out what they’re offering.

Alpha Capital Group Updated Review

Alpha Capital Group is a fairly well-established prop trading firm these days. Originally founded back in November 2021, they are based in the UK out of London.

Alpha Capital Group Evaluation Program

They have five unique two-step evaluation account sizes ranging from $10,000 up to $200,000. But let’s take a look at the funding program options that they are offering. The evaluation program account that they offer recognizes dedicated and skilled traders, and they reward them for their consistent performance throughout the two-phase evaluation period.
  • Phase one requires a Trader to reach a profit target of 8%, can’t surpass your 5% maximum daily loss, and 10% overall loss rules. You have no maximum trading day requirements during phase one; however, you have to trade a minimum of three trading days in order to move to phase two.
  • Now, phase two requires you to reach a profit target of 5%, and you can’t surpass your 5% daily loss or 10% overall loss rules. Same here, time limitations once again, no maximum trading day requirements during phase two, but you have to trade for a minimum of 3 days to get to a funded account.
  • Now, after completing both evaluation phases, you’re awarded a funded account, and here, you would have no profit targets at all. You have to respect your daily and overall loss rules only.

Alpha Capital Group Brokers

In terms of their brokers, they have a broker named ACG Markets as their trading server. So, they’re a proprietary brokerage exclusively for Alpha Capital Group, and they offer excellent trading conditions. As for trading platforms, you can trade on MetaTrader5 and cTrader.

Education and Support

In terms of education and support for all their traders, they’re planning on offering Traders educational courses and strategies to develop all of their potential Traders. You’ll be able to join Alpha Academy, and they also offer numerous automated trading systems tailored for their traders. This is just the tip of the Iceberg, so why don’t you watch the full Video:
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Alpha Capital Group Review