True Forex Funds November Statistics- How was it?

True Forex Funds shared November Statistics to highlight its traders’ performance, providing an insightful glimpse into its activities for the month. As a reputable player in the prop industry, True Forex Funds traders continue to showcase their commitment to excellence and proficiency in navigating the dynamic landscape of trading. The following statistics not only offer a quantitative overview of the firm’s achievements but also underscore its traders’ strategic skills and resilience in the ever-evolving global forex markets.
  • Funded Accounts Payouts: $3,362,550.58
  • Highest Payout: $42,513.85
  • Number of Payouts: 1169
  • Average Payouts: $2,876.43
  • Most Traded Pairs: Gold

True Forex Funds November Statistics

True Forex Funds highlights its commitment to fostering success among its traders. The firm distributed an impressive total of $3,362,550.58 in payouts to funded accounts, underlining its dedication to rewarding and incentivizing excellence.
True Forex Funds November Statistics
The highest individual payout for the month stood at an impressive $42,513.85, showcasing the potential for substantial profits within the firm’s trading environment. This figure reflects the capacity of True Forex Funds to facilitate significant gains for its traders, further solidifying its position as a leading player in the prop trading industry. With an average payout of $2,876.43, True Forex Funds continues to demonstrate consistency in delivering profitable outcomes for its traders on a broader scale. This figure not only signifies the firm’s ability to provide sustained support to its community but also underscores its commitment to maintaining a robust and lucrative trading environment. These statistics collectively portray True Forex Funds as a propitious and rewarding firm for traders, substantiating its reputation as a prop firm that values and actively contributes to the success of its members in the dynamic forex market.

About the Firm

Traders at True Forex Funds are encouraged to succeed in their careers. You may trade at your discretion and hold your trades as long as you want, meaning they will NEVER regulate your trading style. All they care about are the loss limits, while their main goal is to contract consistently profitable traders and reward them with their high 80% profit split. Also, don’t forget to use our Discount Code (TFPFRF5) for a 5% Discount or read the Review.