TopTier Trader TradeLocker Challenges Unavailable!

TopTier Trader has shared with its community of traders that the TradeLocker challenges are currently disabled for purchases. The firm issued a statement addressing its traders community. They stated that this measure is temporary and that they will be notified promptly once the TradeLocker challenges become available again.

TradeLocker serves as an integral part of the firm’s evaluation program. This will allow traders to hone their strategies in a simulated environment. The firm stated, “Trade Locker challenges are temporarily disabled for purchases. We will notify you when it is available again”.

TopTier Trader TradeLocker Challenges Unavailable

TopTier Trader has not disclosed the specific reason for the temporary suspension of TradeLocker challenges. This leaves traders speculating about the cause behind the decision. The firm, known for its commitment to transparency, reassures its members that they will be kept informed and updated on the situation.

Traders who rely on TradeLocker as a part of their trading routine have to stay tuned for further announcements from TopTier Trader. The firm expresses its understanding of the importance of TradeLocker challenges for its community and emphasizes its dedication to resolving the issue promptly.

In the meantime, TopTier Trader encourages traders to continue their regular trading activities on the platform.

TopTier Trader remains a key player in the proprietary trading industry. The firm’s commitment to maintaining a high standard of service and innovation is evident. As traders eagerly await the reactivation of TradeLocker challenges, the firm’s response to this temporary setback will undoubtedly be closely monitored by the prop trading community.

About the Firm

TopTier Trader is a relatively new proprietary firm that launched on the 18th of October, 2021. They are located in the US, Delaware. The firm offers undercapitalized traders up to $600,000 in funding with a profit split of 80% up to 90%. Remember that they also have a scaling plan for their most successful traders, which goes up to $2,000,000 in balance. Moreover, they provide their clients with ThinkMarkets as a broker.

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