TFF Trader Lendberg Interview- $70,000 Profit!

True Forex Funds (TFF) shared a trader interview about a trader, Lendberg, who has successfully transitioned into a full-time trader and is making significant profits. Lendberg, hailing from Bergamo, Italy, initially studied to become a plumber and worked in the field for three years. However, dissatisfied with his job, he sought new opportunities and was introduced to trading by a friend two years ago. Since then, he has transitioned from pipes to trading, earning his living exclusively through online trading.

True Forex Funds (TFF) Trader Lendberg Interview

Lendberg exclusively trades BTC/USD and employs a sophisticated strategy based on smart money concepts. His approach involves analyzing macro trends in different time frames, identifying demand and supply zones, and strategically executing trades. With a risk-reward ratio of 1 to 4%, Lendberg manages his risk meticulously, emphasizing continuous self-training for both personal and trading growth.

Intriguingly, Lendberg’s favorite trading pair is Bitcoin, and he expresses a preference for it over traditional pairs like Euro/USD. He attributes his success to Bitcoin’s unique characteristics and emphasizes the importance of focusing on pairs that align with individual trading preferences.

Lendberg primarily trades during the London session, starting at 9:00 a.m. Central European Time. He has found success in this approach, showcasing his ability to navigate the markets effectively during specific time frames.

Trading with True Forex Funds (TFF) has been a game-changer for Lendberg. He commends TFF’s innovative funding options, including quick funding and timeless funding, as crucial factors that contribute to his trading success. The flexibility offered by these options aligns with his trading style and enables traders to adapt to changing market conditions.

Lastly, Lendberg recommends building a positive trading history first, emphasizing the importance of treating trading as a serious profession. He encourages continuous self-training in both trading strategies and personal growth, asserting that this is crucial for long-term success.

Here is the Full Interview:

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True Forex Funds requires traders to pass their 2-Phase Evaluation Program to get access to their company’s capital. You need to put your skills to the test and demonstrate that you can achieve your Profit Targets. Since they are looking to invest only in disciplined traders, they set a few simple Trading Objectives that should be met.

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