TFT Payment Method Update- New Payment Platform?

TFT has announced a Payment Method update, which includes a temporary pause with Wise and transitioning to a new Payment Platform. The Funded Trader (TFT) has announced a temporary pause in its partnership with Wise. However, TFT is going to change its payment infrastructure with the introduction of “Plane.”

Plane is going to offer a seamless payroll experience across 240+ countries, including the United States. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, Plane aims to streamline payroll processes, providing support for local currencies in over 70 countries and eliminating hidden fees that often burden traditional payment methods.

The Funded Trader (TFT) Payment Method Update

Comprehensive transition guides will be made available on December 26, 2023, to facilitate a smooth transition for TFT traders. These guides will serve as valuable resources, providing step-by-step instructions for the migration to Plane and ensuring that traders can navigate the new platform effortlessly.

The official launch of Plane is going to take place on December 27, 2023. TFT anticipates that the new payment platform will significantly enhance the overall experience for its traders. This will offer improved efficiency and a more robust infrastructure for transactions.

TFT has announced that Wise payouts will be handled through a crypto withdrawal for those affected by the pause in the partnership with Wise. Specific details regarding the crypto withdrawal process will be available directly to the affected individuals via email.

TFT’s decision to introduce Plane reflects a commitment to innovation and efficiency in its operations. By leveraging this advanced payment platform, TFT aims to empower its global network of partners and employees with a more straightforward and transparent payroll system.

As TFT prepares to embark on this exciting transition, the company looks forward to the positive impact that Plane will bring to its ecosystem, offering a glimpse into the future of seamless, cross-border payment solutions for modern enterprises.

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