MyFlashFunding Christmas Sale- Lucrative Bonuses!

MyFlashFunding has just shared an extraordinary Christmas sale, offering traders a unique opportunity to capitalize on significant discounts and lucrative bonuses. The limited-time promotion, featuring a 26.5% discount, a remarkable 120% refund, and bi-weekly payouts, has already sparked widespread interest among the trading community.

MyFlashFunding is inviting traders to use the special discount code “CHRISTMAS” during the checkout process to unlock exclusive benefits. This offer is going to revolutionize the way traders engage with prop trading firms.

MyFlashFunding Christmas Sale

MyFlashFunding Christmas Sale

Traders can enjoy an impressive 26.5% discount on MyFlashFunding’s prop trading accounts. This substantial reduction in fees provides a unique opportunity for both seasoned and aspiring traders to optimize their trading strategies while minimizing costs.

Moreover, as part of the festive celebration, MyFlashFunding is introducing a groundbreaking 120% refund offer. Traders who take advantage of this limited-time promotion will not only benefit from reduced fees but will also receive a refund that exceeds their initial investment, adding an extra layer of financial incentive.

MyFlashFunding is emphasizing its commitment to supporting traders by introducing bi-weekly payouts. This accelerated payout schedule allows traders to access their earnings more frequently, enhancing liquidity and flexibility in managing their financial portfolios.

To unlock these unprecedented benefits, traders are urged to use the promo code “CHRISTMAS” at the time of sign-up. This code acts as the gateway to accessing the discounted fees, the remarkable 120% refund, and the bi-weekly payouts.

Traders should not miss out on this extraordinary Christmas sale from MyFlashFunding. The combination of a substantial discount, an industry-leading refund offer, and accelerated payouts positions this promotion as a must-explore opportunity for traders seeking a competitive edge in the market.

About the Firm

Here are some interesting facts about the firm:

  • One-step & Two-step Funding
  • Refundable Fees
  • News Trading Allowed
  • Overnight & Weekend Holding Allowed
  • 80% Profit Split
  • Weekly Payouts After First Payout
  • Community-Centred Prop Firm
  • Leverage up to 1:100

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