FTUK Christmas Promotion- Still Available?

Christmas is over, but the Christmas Gifts are still coming your way. FTUK has announced an enticing Christmas promotion that is going to delight both existing and potential traders. The limited-time offer includes a 25% discount, a complimentary unlock of the level 8 addon, and an impressive 8% drawdown on all programs.

Traders looking to capitalize on this festive promotion can take advantage of the exclusive benefits by using the special discount code “SANTA25” during the checkout process. This code, available until midnight UTC on January 3, 2024, unlocks a myriad of advantages that promise to enhance the trading experience.

FTUK Christmas Promotion

FTUK Christmas Promotion

The level 8 addon, provided free of charge during this promotional period, brings advanced features and capabilities to traders, giving them an edge in the dynamic forex markets. This addon, typically available as an upgrade, is now accessible to all participants, adding an extra layer of value to the Christmas offer.

One of the standout features of this Christmas promotion is the 8% drawdown on all programs. This means that traders can navigate the markets with greater flexibility and reduced risk, creating a more secure trading environment.

As the clock is ticking, interested traders have to seize this opportunity before the offer expires on January 3rd. The firm has emphasized the time-sensitive nature of this promotion, urging traders to use the code “SANTA25” as soon as possible.

FTUK remains committed to providing innovative solutions and valuable opportunities for traders, and this Christmas offer is a testament to their dedication to client success. Don’t miss out on this exclusive promotion that combines discounts, advanced features, and risk management advantages to make your trading experience merrier this holiday season.

About the Firm

FTUK encourages its traders to succeed in their careers. They enable them to earn more profits by trading three trading accounts up to 3x the $5,760,000 balance. You can choose between an instant funding program and an evaluation program. To become funded in the evaluation program, you have to pass their 1-Phase Evaluation Process. After doing so, you have specific Profit Targets that you must reach to scale your account balance. Upon successful completion, you are rewarded with 80% profit splits and a double-up on your account balance.

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