TFT Trader Shivka Interview- $10,000 in Payouts?

In a recent exclusive interview with The Funded Trader (TFT), trader Shivka from Australia provided valuable insights into his journey of achieving success in the world of trading. The interview shed light on Shivka’s experiences, challenges, and strategies that have shaped his remarkable trading career.

Shivka, a trader with a passion for the trading markets, began his journey in 2019, a pivotal year marked by the birth of his first child. Seeking a work-from-home opportunity to spend more time with his newborn, he stumbled upon trading through an online search. Despite initial challenges, Shivka found a connection with trading, leading to a transformative experience that changed not only his professional life but also his personal growth.

TFT Trader Shivka Interview

The interview highlighted key aspects of Shivka’s trading philosophy, emphasizing the critical role of psychology in the journey to becoming a successful trader. He revealed that early on, he struggled with understanding the importance of psychological aspects, leading to significant losses. Over time, Shivka realized the need for disciplined risk management and the cultivation of a resilient mindset.

Shivka’s trading approach involves simplifying strategies, focusing on consolidation and price correction. He shared that his favorite trading pairs are Pound Yen and Dow Jones, known for their volatility. Additionally, Shivka stressed the significance of staying disciplined and working on emotional control to navigate the challenges of the market successfully.

When asked about his plans for the future, Shivka unveiled an ambitious short-term goal of traveling to 12 countries in 12 months while continuing to trade. In the long run, he envisions a lifestyle more intertwined with his love for travel.

The Funded Trader (TFT), where Shivka shared his experiences, is recognized for fostering a community of traders and providing a platform for aspiring traders to hone their skills. Shivka expressed gratitude for TFT’srole in his journey and encouraged fellow traders to focus on essential elements such as risk management, having a plan, and maintaining mental and emotional well-being.

Here is the Full Interview:

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