The 5%ers Trader Semi Interview- $4845.70 Profit!

In a recent interview, Semi, a former professional swimmer turned full-time trader with The 5%ers, revealed key aspects of his trading journey and the strategies that have contributed to his success.

Semi attributes his disciplined approach to years spent as a professional swimmer. Transitioning to trading, he now focuses on continuously improving his skills and engages in various sports activities in addition to trading.

Having started trading 1.5 years ago, Semi follows a structured trading plan. His approach involves identifying the higher time frame trend and aligning his trades with it on the lower time frame while maintaining strict risk management.

The 5%ers Trader Semi Interview

One of Semi’s major challenges was maintaining mental stability during drawdowns. To combat this, he adjusts his risk by lowering it during challenging periods and visualizes himself not in a drawdown to eliminate negative emotions.

Semi emphasizes the importance of finding the right risk percentage through trial and error, considering its significant impact on psychology. Adapting risk management to his trading personality has been a crucial aspect of his journey.

A pivotal moment in Semi’s trading career was realizing that sticking to his risk management strategy would consistently yield profits, even during losing streaks. This realization provided reassurance in taking every clear setup.

After 14 months of learning and implementing his trading plan, Semi achieved consistency by adhering to his risk management principles. Semi’s mental strength stems from his confidence in reading price action. When mistakes occur, he focuses on learning rather than getting demotivated.

Semi successfully passed The 5%ers’ evaluation with a trend-following strategy that incorporates higher time frames. Trading with The 5%ers has provided him the opportunity to handle larger capital and utilize brokers with tight spreads.

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