Audacity Capital Trader Sylvanus Interview- A Funded Trader?

In a recent interview, Audacity Capital funded Trader Sylvanus, a dedicated participant who has successfully achieved his first 10% target and is now managing an impressive $30,000 account. This accomplishment marks a significant chapter in Sylvanus’s trading journey. He generously shared his experiences with the Audacity Capital team.

Sylvanus started his trading venture in 2019, seeking a change from the traditional 9-to-5 work routine. Dissatisfied with the limitations of his previous job, he found a mentor in a friend who guided him into the world of trading. The journey was not without its challenges, and Sylvanus acknowledged the struggles he faced in making consistent profits before joining Audacity Capital.

Audacity Capital Trader Sylvanus Interview

Upon joining Audacity Capital’s funded Trader program, Sylvanus experienced a paradigm shift in his approach to trading. He highlighted the program’s emphasis on risk management, the importance of patience, and the necessity of managing one’s psychological mindset. Moreover, transitioning from a swing trader to a day trader, Sylvanus spoke about the positive impact of the program’s specific rules and the guidance provided in the form of a trading plan.

While it took Sylvanus a couple of years, he officially started making consistent profits in 2021. He emphasized the crucial role of patience in trading. Sylvanus advises newcomers to wait for the right opportunities and let the market dictate its direction.

Also, Sylvanus commended Audacity Capital for its unique approach to supporting traders and expressed surprise that more of his peers were unaware of the opportunities the program provides. He also likened Audacity Capital to a supportive big brother, always a step ahead, offering guidance, news updates, and quick responses from the support team.

Grateful for the support received, Sylvanus hinted at joining Audacity Capital’s affiliate program to spread the word further. He recognized the value in helping more traders achieve profitability and consistency, echoing Audacity Capital’s mission over the past decade.

Here is the Full Interview:

About the Firm

Audacity Capital encourages its traders to succeed in their careers. They enable them to earn more profits by trading up to $2,000,000 in balance. To become funded, you must pass their 3-step assessment phase, which differs from regular proprietary firm challenges, or complete a two-step evaluation challenge. Also, upon successful completion, you are rewarded with 50% or 85% profit splits on your earnings, depending on the funding program you opt for.

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