TFT Trader Oussama Interview- $9000+ in Payouts?

In a recent interview with The Funded Trader (TFT), Oussama Boukhalfa from Algeria opened up about his remarkable journey in the Forex trading world. Having faced numerous challenges, Oussama has now achieved a significant milestone – his first payout with TFT.

Oussama, who has been trading for approximately three years, revealed that his introduction to Forex came during the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying at home, he embarked on a self-learning journey, trying multiple strategies. Despite facing setbacks and blowing over 50 accounts, Oussama’s persistence and determination led him to his first successful withdrawal with TFT.

The key to Oussama’s trading success lies in his unique strategy, focusing on psychology, risk management, and discipline. He emphasized that the learning curve involved understanding the market’s intricacies, managing emotions, and adopting effective risk management practices.

TFT Trader Oussama Interview

One of the highlights of Oussama’s trading approach is his reliance on the volume profile and indicators like the Golden line. He shared insights into his meticulous analysis process, encompassing top-down analysis, high-risk-to-reward ratios, and strategic entry points.

Oussama spoke about the significance of psychology in trading and how he deals with emotions after facing setbacks. He emphasized the importance of maintaining discipline, self-talk, and positive reinforcement to overcome challenges.

He also expressed gratitude for the support and seamless experience provided by TFTThe Funded Trader(TFT) stood out for its exceptional customer support and efficient payment processing, making it Oussama’s preferred choice.

Additionally, Oussama envisions a future where he can establish a proprietary trading firm in Algeria. Despite facing challenges due to the local banking system and cryptocurrency regulations, he aspires to create opportunities for aspiring traders in the region.

Here is the Full Interview:

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