Prop Firms December 2023 Updates! ALL IN ONE!

Hello, guys! Well, December and 2023 as a year have come to an end. If you can believe it, 2024 is already here. Happy New Year! Once again, we are here to present all of the updates of some of the industry’s leading prop trading firms that occurred during the last month of 2023, in December.

Now, there was a total of 17 prop trading firms that introduced something new to the community throughout December. These updates include a variety of modifications, including some adjustments in trading goals and rules, the introduction of some fresh new features, and the changing of some existing ones.

Prop Firms December Updates 2023! ALL IN ONE!

In no particular order, let’s jump into December of 2023 in proprietary trading firm updates.

E8 Funding

We are going to begin here with E8 Funding. Just highlighting two developments that they made in December to round out last year. 

  • E8 Funding introduced a strategic partnership with Rise, making them the latest withdrawal processor that their clients can use.
  • In anticipation of the upcoming launch of the E8 custom program, they have lowered the account size requirement from $250,000 to $200,000. 

The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader also implemented significant changes by availing four updates.

  • Firstly, they introduced the Dragon Challenge. It’s a brand new three-step evaluation process with very affordable participation one-time fees.
  • Secondly, they expanded flexibility for traders interested in the Knight Challenge by introducing $5,000 and $110,000 account sizes.
  • The third update was also dedicated to the Knight Challenge, featuring two additional add-on features: an increased 4% maximum daily drawdown and an increased 7% maximum trailing drawdown.
  • Lastly, The Funded Trader introduced a new payment processor, providing traders with added flexibility when requesting withdrawals. 

Funding Pips

Funding Pips, they were also a company that implemented some updates to enhance their opportunities for their traders and community.

  • The initial update includes the incorporation of a new payment processor, enabling traders to request withdrawals through Rise.
  • The second enhancement is the introduction of multilingual live chat support, providing the community with the ability to interact with the company and receive customer support assistance directly on the website. 


SurgeTrader was another company that implemented an adjustment last year.

  • They introduced a new funding program named Lightning Audition. Now, this one-step evaluation aligns perfectly with its name. It features a trading period capped at one week and account sizes ranging from $10,000 up to $100,000. The Lightning Audition does comprise a 5% profit target, a daily loss limit of 3%, a trailing drawdown of 4%, and leverage up to 1:20. 


MyFundedFX is another company that introduced a single update throughout December.

  • They’ve made an introduction to a new payment method, providing traders with a bit more flexibility while choosing to participate in any of their evaluation challenges. And the payment method is a relatively unknown one by the name of PayPal. 

The 5%ers

The 5%ers implemented a very significant update incorporating four new trading instruments into all of their funding programs.

  • These additions consist of two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, and two commodities, US oil, and UK oil, expanding the array of opportunities available to traders within the dynamic forex markets. 

Finotive Funding

Finotive Funding implemented a single update in December. 

  • They’ve introduced limitations on the total risk for open positions across their funding programs. To dive a little deeper, traders are now permitted to risk a specific percentage based on the previous day’s closing balance. 

Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital Group made an announcement during December as well.

  • They’ve partnered with broker and platform provider ACG Markets and have received official regulation and licensing from the Financial Services Authority in Sell. 

Crypto Fund Trader

Crypto Fund Trader, well, they’re continuing to grow at a rapid pace. They had a few noteworthy updates at the end of last year.

  • They introduced Zen as the latest withdrawal method and added two new payment methods as well: PayPal and Payop. 

City Trader Imperium

Moving on to City Traders Imperium, they implemented an update in December as well.

  • They also introduced a new payment method. Now, traders interested in collaborating with the company can conveniently acquire their desired funding program through cryptocurrency payments. 


One of our recently spotlighted prop trading firms on our website, AquaFunded, made a good update as well, introducing and incorporating a new withdrawal method.

  • They’ve also introduced Rise as their latest withdrawal processor, offering traders a more streamlined process for requesting profit splits once they successfully qualify. 

Goat Funded Trader

Goat Funded Trader has also incorporated Rise as their latest withdrawal method.

  • The introduction of Rise really underscores the company’s commitment to offering diverse and user-friendly financial solutions to its trading community.

Glow Node

All right, Glow Node. We’re going to highlight them next with a few updates.

  • The initial update they made revolves around the introduction of a customized funding model enabling users to tailor their two-phase and one-phase evaluation models encompassing daily drawdown and maximum drawdown limitations.
  • Additionally, aligning with the prevalent trends in the prop trading firm industry, Glow Node also integrated Rise as its latest withdrawal processor. 


All right, we’re on the home stretch now, final few. And FunderPro rolled out a noteworthy update: Swing Accounts.

  • Now, this innovative feature grants traders selecting FunderPro Swing Accounts the capability to maintain positions over weekends and throughout news events. 

Forex Capital Funds

All right, our penultimate prop trading firm company is Forex Capital Funds, which marked a significant change in December by undergoing a substantial transition within its brokerage structure.

  • So, the notable shift involved a migration from Eightcap to ThinkMarkets, a strategic move that holds some different implications for the company’s operational landscape and the experiences of traders associated with Forex Capital Funds

Lux Trading Firm

And last but certainly not least is Lux Trading Firm. They’ve had a great adjustment.

  • They have seamlessly introduced The Lux Trader trading platform with MetaTrader5, providing their traders with the ability to effortlessly view, monitor, and manage their trades across both platforms.

And for the details of these updates, watch the full Video:

These have been the updates and changes of some of the industry’s leading prop trading firms throughout December and to round out the last year of 2023. We can clearly see that the prop trading firm industry is evolving more and more rapidly. Trading firms are constantly looking to evolve and improve their offerings, and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon, which is good news for traders.

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We are here to present all of the updates of the industry's leading prop trading firms for the last month of 2023, in December.